Jacquard Linen Collection

Jacquard Linen Collection

This collection was developed and researched remotely for two years.  In the time of restricted travel, we worked on these designs in thoughtful and careful detail.  Each piece has been sewn solely by a single Filipina seamstress.  It is a tactile, urbane and artisanal collection that evokes the kind of femininity La Filippine champions, effortless yet hitting high marks on the style meter.

Cape Dress

V Neck Caftan


Meet the seamstress

Jonah Borces, like most Filipinas, is gifted, resilient and industrious. Her thoughtful work product is on full display in these caftans. Each piece is meticulously handmade by her, no two are exactly identical.

Jonah and I have worked together for 2 decades and counting. She was my mother’s most prolific and earnest costume jewelry designer in Cebu where I had the fortune to create accessories with her.

Today, Jonah is the artisan behind my baskets (our best-selling Barkin) and the seamstress who sews our caftan collections. She is also mentoring 2 junior seamstresses who assist her in our creations.